One point seven percent of the world’s population have some intersex traits. I am one of them. Diagnosed at the age of 15, it took me another 15 years to find a support group. At the beginning of our first group meeting I – the newbie – was told: “This will probably be the most amazing weekend of your life, but on Monday you won’t be able to explain that to others”. Meeting people with a similar condition was life-changing. I finally felt like I belonged. I listened to stories similar to mine and was overwhelmed by an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. But most importantly, I met women who inspired me and opened my eyes to things I thought were impossible: they were in happy relationships and careers. Some have children.

I came to see that we are not defined by our diagnosis, nor defeated by it.

Having talked with many people who are somewhere on the intersex spectrum, or have children who are, I understand how our stories can provide comfort and inspiration. Those stories had the biggest positive impact on me during my journey since my diagnosis. Funny stories, sad stories, stories of extraordinary achievements and stories of mundane everyday life: they all are inspiring especially if you struggle to come to terms with your diagnosis.

This is why I decided to use my experience as a non-fiction storyteller to write a book: “OnePointSeven”. It will feature conversations with people on the intersex spectrum, with their partners and their parents, and with the aim of telling their stories. The book will be about all the other things which make who we are: our interests, relationships and adventures – not just the intersex bit.

This project is about you telling your story to create a book about people like us for people like us.

It will be also easily accessible for those who for various reasons never had the opportunity to meet others with similar conditions.

If you like the idea and could consider yourself to be part of this book, or would like to know more, please do contact me using the contact form below.

All your details will be treated confidentially and if required you may participate in the project anonymously.

I am looking forward to hearing from you – doesn’t matter what is your background or identity 🙂